Hosting Registered Office

The Companies Act 1985 requires all UK companies to hold certain information at their registered office and offer facilities for public inspection upon request, this includes information relating to the company’s directors, shareholders, creditors and debtors.

All UK companies require a registered office address, which is the official address for all correspondence from Companies House and HMRC.
This address will appear on public record and should also be displayed on company paperwork, emails and websites. It must be a full UK postal address and not a PO Box.

All limited companies are legally required to display a registered office address which is publicly available.


All correspondence will be forwarded to an address of your choice on agreed time scales (daily, weekly, monthly). Parkes & Co provide a registered office address which protects your address from public searches and unwanted callers.

Should you take advantage of Parkes & Co's registered office service, your company name will be displayed within our Kingswinford premises on our registered office index signage, for the duration of the hosting period.

If you would prefer to keep your address private or require a more secure place to deliver your correspondence, please contact Parkes & Co.

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